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> Advanced course - "Flow cytometry approaches to study plant structural cytomics"

20th and 21st of May 2005



> Workshop - "Cytomics and Plant Biology " in the 9th Iberian Congress of Cytometry

18th - 21st of May 2005



> in press


> Loureiro et al. 2005.

Assessment of ploidy stability of the somatic embryogenesis process in Quercus suber L. using flow cytometry


> recent publications

> Pinto et al. 2004.

Analysis of the genetic stability of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. somatic embryos by flow cytometry

Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109:580-587




- Presentations -

T1 - Jan Bartoš - Flow Cytometric Analysis of Plant Genomes

TP1 - Jan Bartoš - Experimental planning - best procedures for nuclear DNA content estimation

T2 - Johann Greilhuber - Back to the roots: the secrets of a quantitative Feulgen reaction

P3 - Johann Greilhuber - How to make Feulgen squashes




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