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Equipment and Facilities

The laboratory has been recently renovated and it comprises three rooms one concerning the main laboratory, other the growth chamber and the last one the cytomics laboratory.

Major items of equipment in the laboratory include:

Beckman Coulter EPICS-XL flow cytometer equipped with a 488 nm air-cooled; Nikon Eclipse 80i fluorescence microscope equiped with a Leica D200 CCD camera; Leitz Fluovert FU inverted fluorescence microscope; Leitz Laborlux K microscope; Leica IM100 image analysis system; Olympus SZ60 stereomicroscope; Nikon SMZ645 stereomicroscope; Thermo Px2 PCR thermocycler; Techne Dri-Block DB.3D; Eppendorf 5804R refrigerated centrifuge; Heraeus Biofuge pico microcentrifuges; gel electrophoresis and electroblotting equipment; Snidjers plant growing chamber, ion meters; osmometer; photosynthetic efficiency analyser; oxygen electrode; temperature controlled water baths; vertical laminar flow sterile air hood; balances; refrigerators and freezers

Common use equipment and facilities shared within the Cellular Biology Center (CBC) and the Biology Department includes among others:

Automatic Sequencer PE Biosystems ABI PRISM 310; -80 ºC freezer; autoclaves; UV transilluminator, greenhouses, growing chambers, electron microscopes.








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