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Group Leader
Tina Lopes
Ana Capelo
PhD student
Ana Sofia Gabriel
PhD student
Gina Brito
PhD student
Glória Pinto
PhD student
Helena Azevedo
PhD student
PhD student
Marta Monteiro
PhD student
José Pedro Fernandes
Master student
Sónia Silva
Research technician
Eleazar Rodriguez
Internship student
Ângela Gomes
Project student
Ricardo Cruz
Project student

Former group members

Sílvia Fragoeiro Concluded her Master Thesis in 2001 Now at Cambridge University
Susana Gomes Concluded her Master Thesis in 2002 Now at Dundee University
Helena Oliveira Concluded her Master Thesis in 2002 Now at University of Aveiro
Inês Pires Concluded her Master Thesis in 2004 Now at H. São João, Porto

External colaborators

Armando Costa Enginner at Department of Biology, U.A.





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